So how long have you been in One in Four?
I have worked for One in Four for almost sixteen years.

That’s amazing Ann Marie, so what do you most enjoy about working for charity?
What I most love about One in Four is the teamwork, no matter what our role our staff have responsibility for we are all working towards the same goal, to help survivors.
I am surrounded by brilliant people who really care. But it’s the donors I really want to thank, the part they play is so important, they make everything tick! Over the years I have got to hear amazing stories of people’s commitment and generosity. I am privileged to see the direct link between people’s support and the positive effects it has on One in Four’s work. Each donation to an appeal, or fundraising page that’s set up means we can help more people.
I am there to greet and welcome clients who walk in to One in Four for the first time , and I will be here two or three years later to see them finish their therapy . When they walk out of the office at the end I am so pleased to see them in a much better place. It takes time, but therapy really helps them. So, when I chat to Eva and she tells me all about what’s happening in fundraising, I smile, I know the donations are going to make a difference.

What would you see as One in Four’s biggest challenge?
It's definitely funding. Funding is desperately needed to provide more psychotherapists to alleviate the heavy Waiting List, in order to accommodate more clients sooner. My colleague Antoinette has been helping encourage people to set up regular gifts, I am so proud of her doing this, it’s such a great way for everyone to help us. Knowing this money is coming in on a regular basis means when I pick up the phone and chat to a survivor I can offer them so much more.

What’s a typical day like for you?
A typical day for me is taking calls from vulnerable adults who have experienced Historical sexual abuse. They are often in crisis. A friendly voice and good listening skills are essential. I think listening is the key part to my job, whatever is happening I take the time to listen and understand everyone who contacts us. I know that often I am the first person in the world a survivor opens up to about what has happened them, and that the call is the first brave step they will take to recovery.

What advice would you give someone who has been sexually abused?
I would advise any survivor or family impacted by sexual abuse to reach out for the support they deserve and need. The professionalism of One in Four is second to none. Know we care, and will do our very best to support you on what is a tough but worthwhile journey. We are caring professionals and will be empathic to you as an individual and your story.