Are you a victim/survivor who has engaged (at any level) with the criminal justice system and child protection system in Ireland?

Did you make an initial Gardaí statement that did not proceed any further?
Did your case go to trial?
Maybe your case ended in a guilty plea, a guilty verdict, or even a not guilty verdict?

Wherever you are in the country and whatever process you have been engaged with, we would really value your opinion.

We would like to invite you to join our new focus group. It is an opportunity to share your experience of the criminal justice system and/or child protection system, whilst also providing a platform to influence legislation and policy development.

We are determined that any future developments in legislation or policy are informed by the voices and experiences of those who have been affected by the justice process .

One in Four encourages any victim/survivor who wishes to engage with the focus group to get in touch at   [email protected]