One in Four (Ireland) CLG – Seeking Board Director (Trustee) with financial acumen

The vision of One in Four (Ireland) is an Irish society where children are safe from the threat of sexual harm. Every single day we work towards this vision. One in Four provides a listening ear, a support, a refuge, a lifeline. We provide professional counseling to adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse. For those difficult days in court, we provide an advocacy service. Through our prevention programme, we work with all aspects of sexual violence in a conscientious effort to break the cycle of abuse. You can find out more about One in Four from our website. One in Four (Ireland)
is a registered charity and a company limited by guarantee.

The Board of One in Four is seeking one new Director to join the current Board. We are seeking specific expertise in the area of finance.

Ideal candidate for the Finance role should:

Believe in the purpose and goals of One in Four Ireland
Have a financial background with accounting experience
Have prior experience of serving or servicing an Audit & Finance Committee
Time available to undertake this role (outlined below)

If you have other skills that you believe are relevant to the Board of One in Four e.g. Fundraising, and would like to be considered for the Board, please feel free to submit your expression of interest.

Time commitment: Board meetings are held approximately six times per year on a Wednesday from 5.30 pm to 7.30 pm. The calendar is agreed upon at the start of each year. There is an opportunity for hybrid meetings however in-person meetings are preferred. Meetings take place at the One in Four offices on Arran Quay. There are approximately five Committee meetings per annum and timing is agreed with the Committee membership. Committee meetings are usually held online. In total, the time commitment is approximately twenty hours per annum.

If you are interested, please email in confidence, the Chair of the Board, David Kutner at
[email protected]