January seems so long ago, it's no wonder most of us have totally forgotten about New Year’s resolutions. But when Sheila signed up for a regular gift with One in Four she felt she had started something meaningful that would last. We chatted to Sheila just after she signed up and asked her what motivated her to start a regular gift.

“Well maybe I can start at the beginning, I mean at the beginning of the Pandemic, for me what helped getting through the lockdowns was when we had something to occupy us at home. Little did I know it would all start with a new pet.  We didn’t really plan to get a puppy. But it came at the perfect time, just after St Patrick’s Day last year.

Let me explain: you see we loved my sister’s dog, “Bella” a beautiful little King Charles, and always said if we ever got a dog we would want it just like her. So when she was pupped we were first in the queue. She had a litter of 5, and all my sister’s friends took one. We set up a WhatsApp group to share photos of them and have even manged a few socially distanced walks together during the summer.

By the time the new series of The Bake-off started in the autumn, restrictions were so tight we called it Lockdown 2. And bake we did. The series was watched religiously each week, and culminated in our own Sunday competitions. My husband, Tom winning Star Baker with his well-practised Banana bread. Much to the delight of our 2 year old who would happily live on it.

We have fond memories of being together during the Lockdowns. At times it was difficult, but as a family we slowed down, and spent more time together. Making lists of what were we grateful for was something we tried to do each week and it really helped. We would pin the lists to the fridge and “Family” was always top of the list. It’s what inspired us to start our regular gift to One in Four.

I was packing the decorations away last Wednesday and was thinking about my new goals for Lockdown 3 and the year ahead. We had kind of done a lot of the usual things, if even by coincidence; we ticked the box on getting a puppy and baking banana bread.  So for a new resolution I wanted to make something that would help others. When I looked over at our fridge, the word Family was a constant reminder of how lucky we were to have each other. Not everyone is so fortunate. I packed away the decorations, turned on my tablet and went onto the One in Four website and signed up for a regular gift.

It was an easy choice. The monthly donation was a family decision so we could help other families. A token of solidarity in these uncertain times. For people who have had to deal with the unimaginable consequences of childhood sexual abuse, whose families had been eroded from the inside, having a place like One in Four they can go to is so important.

So instead of sending my usually cute puppy gifs into the group chat tonight I am going to send the link to One in Four regular giving. Maybe some of the girls will sign up as well and spread the hope just a little further.”

Regular Giving is a really good way to support One in Four. It gives us the stability to plan our work ahead knowing we have money coming in. If you would like to join Sheila and set up a regular gift here is the link.

Did you know, if you pay tax and donate €250 or more to an authorised charity in any year, it can claim 45% in tax relief from Revenue at no extra cost to you. For example, if you pay 12 monthly payments of €21 = €252, that could be worth €365 to One in Four with tax relief.

Download the CHY3 Tax Relief form here and send it to One in Four, 2 Holles Street, Dublin 2, D02 FP40 or email it to [email protected]