Social Distancing is a new thing for us all, but the right thing to do . Let's try and have some fun, keeping each other safe and finding new ways to have fun , virtually meeting up and helping raise much needed (really needed now) funds for One in Four.

With our therapist and Advocacy team all working remotely we are determined to keep our services running and support all the survivors who benefit from our services. 

 How it works

Each day a different fundraising idea will be given. You might decide to only take up one of the challenges, you might do lots of them. One day might suit you or you might do one of the challenges over a few days.

We have tried to make the challenges helpful for you when the kids are at home and ways you can still have fun with friends and family. So you may choose to take up the challenge yourself, with your kids, or virtually with some friends.

Set up a fundraising page, either on our Website or on Facebook.

Take photos, make videos, live stream however you decided to share your challenge add the link to your fundraising page with friends and family and help One in Four some vital funds.

Our fundraising Team Eva and John are at home working and can support you set up your fundraiser.

Challenge 8.

Malin to Mizen Static Bike Challenge

Don't let the Lockdown stop you ticking things off your bucket list. You can complete the 650 Kilometre challenge from the Top of Ireland to The Bottom from your living room. 

Set up your static bike and get started. Choose a distance each day, set up a fundraising page either from our site or on  Facebook. Send friends and family updates with your link each day. Think about how fit you could be in 2 weeks time, and how much you could help our work. 

Not everyone will have an exercise bike at home but you easy can adapt your own bike to make it static. If you need support doing this send us an email and we can try and help. 

Challenge 7.


Always wanted to learn a musical instrument but just really had the time? Now is your chance !  Dust off that guitar you got for your birthday, the keyboard the kids have in the spare room  

Stuck for an instrument, you could always learn some of those songs you would love to know for family parties, like " On Raglan Road " of " The Foggy Dew". 

There are a lot of online tutorials you can use. You can even have the target to pass your grade one. You can set a timeframe, Maybe 1 month to learn the 5 songs or 6 months to get your grade one. 

Set up a Fundraising page and share it with friends and family along with updates and maybe even a live Facetime when you have met a milestone ! 

They say Practising is the best Tutor, you might even write your own song " We're in this Together " or a virtual band The Lockdown Blues Brothers " 

Challenge 6. 

Bob a Job 

We are showing our age with a challenge title like this ! But the idea still works.

This challenge will encourage the kids to do chores around the house , peeling the potatoes for dinner, washing the dishes, hoovering cleaning the car.

Each time they do a task a small donation can be put on their fundraising page. You can set a page up on our website or Facebook.

Make it part of their daily routine. There might even be some things you have been putting off for a while, cleaning the drains, emptying “that” drawer that you can add to the challenge and make fun.

Challenge 5.

Donate your Birthday

Birthday Parties are just the best ! For a while we wouldn’t be able to celebrate them the way we usually do, but there’s nothing stopping us trying to still make them special.

Gifting your birthday to One in Four has makes a big difference to our work but it also gives your friends and family a way to mark your big day that really ads meaning.

Even before we started Social distancing Facebook Fundraisers had become a really valuable source of funding for One in Four.

Two weeks before your birthday you will get a notification on your Facebook Account to ask you to start a fundraiser for your birthday. If you decide to try it there are a few simple steps to take to set this up:

  1. You can select “One in Four Ireland “ from the drop-down of charities
  2. The amount of money you want to raise.
  3. The date you want your fundraiser to end.
  4. A title and description of your fundraiser.
  5.  Facebook will do the rest sending a notification to all your friends that instead of presents this year you would like them to donate to One in Four. 

There is also the option at any time of the year to use Facebook to ask friends and family to donate towards a challenge or event you decide to do. Any support you need just email us and we can help you with this or other ways to support our work.

You can also set up a Fundraising page on our website. 

Challenge 4. 

Art Competition 

Pissaco said “Every child is an artist; The problem is to remain an artist once they grow up.”

So todays Stay at Home Fundraiser might be more of a challenge for the mums and dads in the house.

Pissaco also said “Everything you can imagine is real” So todays challenge can be a real Tonic. Art can be a brilliant release to Social Distancing and Self Isolation.

  • Maybe video call your friends and family.
  • Choose a theme for your art competition
  • Set up a fundraising Page
  • Decide a Judge
  • Set up an online exhibition
  • See how many likes and shares you can get.

Challenge 3. 

Bake some buns. Raise some funds.

Today might be the day you teach the kids how to make their favourite Brownies. Whatapps their cousins and friends to choose a recipe and Facetime while you put the ingredients together.

Granny and Granda might even join in, her buns will be the best but maybe she can teach the little ones some of her tricks!

When all the goodies are ready, choose a time to virtually meet and enjoy them with some nice drinks, a virtual tea party. Add in the special ingredient of a Fundraising page and make extra tasty! 

These next weeks have the potential for lots of great memories for kids spending time together .

  1. Choose a recipe
  2. Set up a fundraiser 
  3. Bake together
  4. Have a virtual Tea Party 

Challenge  2.

Binge Watch your least Favourite Netflix Series.

Find that comfy seat, get some nice snacks ready and have your remote handy. Today’s “Stay at Home Fundraiser” will be a lot of fun/ or maybe not!

You can do the challenge with a group of Friends remotely by using Netflix Party.

1. Choose a Series

Ask your friends on WhatsApp to vote for the worse series they have watched. Most votes is the one you all watch. Even if it's for the second time !

2.Set up a Fundraising Page

You can do this through our site or on Facebook , Update your friends with how BAD the series is, share it the updates on Social media long with a link to your fundraising page.

3.Press play

Sit back at try and ENJOY the experience, and donations coming in even if you don’t like the Series. You will always remember it and never forget how much you


Challenge 1.

Virtual Mother's Day

 Today is Mother’s day. Breakfast in bed and treats all day for Mums all round the country. But if you aren’t able to spend the day with your mum because of social distancing, maybe you and your family could turn this into a positive with Virtual Mother's day Dinner.

Pick a meal for dinner and drop it off at your Mum’s door. Facetime each other while you eat. While your cooking get the kids to write a poem for Granny. They can read it out between courses.

Set up a fundraising page and get everyone to

 Email us and we can thank your mum for helping our work.

One in Four relies on the generosity of our supporters to help continue our important work .

 By fundraising you’ll be helping us create an Ireland free from abuse for children.


                                                       SET UP A FACEBOOK FUNDRAISER                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Want some inspiration! Take a look at Our Fundraisers