Mandy's Story

Through therapy I began to realise I was just a child when the abuse happened; none of it was my fault. Read more

Kate's Story

" I didn't know this existed…. this space in my head, where good thoughts could flood in and bring a smile to my face." Read more

Jack's Story

" You are not alone, you are not your past, you deserve to love and to heal. You are worthy of a full life. " Read more

My Bucket List

For me the verdict was never the goal, I couldn’t control the outcome of the trial, but I could stand in front of him, and tell everyone what he had done. Read more

A Safe Place to Heal

I wore my guilt like a warm blanket on a summers day: Phyllis' story. Read more

Natasha’s Story: ”My personal 9/11”

My therapist helped me rebuild the towers of my life, creating structures to cope. Read more

Jack's Story

Our brains are wired for connection, but Trauma rewires them for protection. Read more

Jim's Story

My daughter gave me the strength to speak up. One in Four gave me the voice to speak out. Read more

Rose's Story

I wouldn’t be able to leave my grandchildren much but if I can give them the power to speak out I will have given them treasure they can use for the rest of their lives. Read more

Paula's Story

Paula is hiding from her abusive partner, the same way she hid from her father when she was a 9-year-old child. She sees no way out………. Read more

Cathy's Story

Even though my sessions have been on Zoom I have felt so connected with my therapist, that hour has been my anchor during the turbulence of Lockdown. Read more

Liam's Story

One in Four helped me find my voice and now my family are safe. Read more

Philip's Story

I have come through very hard times, times that can never be replaced or forgotten but I have survived. Read more

Cillian's Story

I cannot thank One in Four’s Advocacy team enough. They made me feel less alone in carrying this burden. Read more

Tom's Story

"The shame I had been carrying around, wasn’t mine, I hadn’t done anything wrong, I wasn’t to blame." Read more

Mary's Story

Through therapy Mary was able to set boundaries and move at a pace that suited her. Read more

Michael's Story

"It’s never too late to ask for help.  I am not running away from what happened anymore, I am healing and liberating myself from my past.” Read more

Martina's Story

As a teenager I had no trust, in anyone, it’s got better as I have grown up, I suppose because of the counseling I received at One in Four, I feel more positive about the future. Read more

Jane's Story

Step by step, session by session, One in Four has been able to help me. They have helped me overcome the guilt, the shame, and find pathways to deal with things. Read more

James' Story

With the support of One in Four, James has made brilliant progress. He graduated from College last year, has a new partner and they are planning to buy a house together. Read more