My Bucket List: A Survivor's Story for Truth

For me the verdict was never the goal, I couldn’t control the outcome of the trial, but I could stand in front of him, his peers and tell everyone what he had done. That was my goal. Read more

A Picture of the future

" You just need someone to believe you, then you can start the process of healing." Read more

Antoinette's Regular Giving Ask

Every working day, I speak to survivors of abuse. I do my best, but I know that for every call we answer, there are so many more people who need our help. We want to be there for each and everyone of them. But that can only happen if more people sign up for a regular donation. Read more

Lunchtime Webinar Series

One in Four is delighted to announce a lunchtime webinar series, 'Overcoming Barriers,' which will discuss the experiences of adult survivors of child sexual abuse. Read more


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Ann's Story

If sharing my story will do one thing, I hope it can show people that you’re never too old to get help, and things can get better. Read more

Nathan's Story

"My therapist sat in that dark dark place with me, I talked and she helped bring light. For that, I am truly grateful.” Read more

Santa Stroll Fundraiser resources

Christmas 2020 should start early and be so fun. What better way to celebrate the festivities raising much needed funds to help survivors of abuse. Read more

2021 Events

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Santa Stroll 2020

Make your Christmas one to remember. Read more

Christmas Shop

Support One in Four this Christmas by purchasing a virtual Gift Read more

Surviving the restrictions: Niamh's Story

2020 has been like “two steps forward, and one step back." But that’s still a step forward for me, you see, it’s been the year I asked for help, and that’s why I wanted to share my story. Read more

VHI Virtual Women's Mini Marathon

We receive a lot of support each year from support taking part in the VHI Women's Mini Marathon. This year’s event is still going ahead, and people can do it virtually from the 1st - 10th October. Read more

Angela's Story

One in Four has been my rock during the Pandemic. I don’t how they have managed it but they have kept their services running and I am truly grateful. Read more

Therapy During Lockdown: This is Cathy's Story

"Even though my sessions have been on Zoom for the last 3 months I felt so connected with my therapist, that hour was my anchor during the turbulence of Lockdown." Read more

Fundraising Pages

Take a look at all of the amazing people currently fundraising for One in Four. Read more

Denise Lloyd

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100k your Way resources

Walk, Jog, Cycle, or Swim. Do a 100 kilometers whatever way works for you. Read more

Stay at Home Fundraising resources

With our therapist and Advocacy team all working remotely we are determined to keep our services running and support all the survivors who benefit from our services. Read more